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Zify offers different internships in various areas. We want to give graduate students the opportunity to improve on their desired skills and develop and implement their own ideas for Zify! How to proceed? Simply let us know what you are good at and which goals or projects you want to follow! Answer the following two questions and send us your responses including your CV via

Question 1: What do you know about Zify and the Carpooling Industry?

Question 2: What are your professional, methodological and soft skills and how would you want to employ them for Zify? 

What we offer:

• Startup Groove - Interesting and challenging Internship at a young and dynamic startup
• Co-Working Spaces - Working at a co-working space with free coffee!
• Intercultural Team - Experience how to work in an intercultural team that is partly located in India
• Creativity - You will be very free in how and what projects you want to follow

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via +41 79 723 39 29.



28 Rue du Chemin Vert

75011 Paris

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