Senior Associate Engineer

Hyderabad, Telangana   |   Full time


6-8 years of prior work experience 

Technical Requirements:

  • Excellent in Core Java (Java 8 and above), J2EE, Spring Modules/Spring MVC, Web services, RESTful, Tomcat/NGinx etc, Spring-Boot, MyBatis
  • Excellent in security practices and using Spring Security, JWT,  Token Authentication, HATEOAS, Session Management, Caching etc
  • Excellent coding skills with proper documentation, design patterns (Strategy, Decorator etc), java-8 streams
  • Excellent at debugging using Step commands,
  • Hands-on Modern build technologies like Maven, Gradle.
  • Strong knowledge of Data structures.
  • Excellent knowledge of Multithreading, Collections.
  • Strong SQL knowledge and advance knowledge of relational databases   (MYSQL etc)
  • Knowledge of NoSQL Databases like Mongo DB
  • Good to have knowledge of Message Brokers/Stream processing like RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • Good to have knowledge of technologies like Redis, ElastiCache, ElastiSearch to help scale the application
  • Experience in Continuous Integration frameworks  like Jenkins/ Hudson/ Docker
  • Experience with Source Control Management with GIT.
  • Experience in profiling backend application for identifying performance bottlenecks, analysis of memory dump etc.
  • Some experience in Solution architecture.
  • Should be aware and able to follow proper development cycle from Design to Testing.
  • End-to-end application development experience from requirements  gathering till the go-live/deployment.
  • Has an passion in technology and is ready to work on new technologies and tools
  • Experience in server side event driven architecture apart from monolithic architecture
  • Ability to write unit test cases.

General Qualification

  • B.Tech / M.Tech degree in engineering with 6 - 8 years of solid coding & development experience.
  • Able to prioritize & execute on tasks while working well under pressure.
  • Excellent critical thinking & analytical skills.
  • Are passionate about startups and entrepreneurship.
  • Love to learn, innovate & be able to work independently.
  • Should have a habit of taking ownership of work and manage dependancies properly.

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